What do you want to do?

Ronn Thwaites CoachingWhat is it you want to do in your life but secretly fear you’re never going to do?

Is it time to stop talking about it and actually start doing it instead?

So what’s stopping you?

My name is Ronn Thwaites and I’m a Personal Development Coach who works with people just like you to answer these questions

I’ll help you to pick yourself, beat your blocks and start to do the things you want to be doing

All of my coaching programmes are unique to YOU and YOUR requirements and can help with the following areas:

Being really clear about what you want to create in your life

How to use Goal Setting that actually works for you rather than against you

How to beat the blocks that are stopping you and getting in your way

Building your resilience to help you keep going when obstacles get in the way

Actually doing the work that needs to be done to get what you want 

As your Coach we’ll work together to help you decide just what it is you want to create for yourself; we’ll then set the exciting and challenging goals that will help you to start creating and achieving your outcomes

I’m not your usual ‘Life Coach’ and our sessions are not about just having a cosy chat so that you can feel good about yourself and not be challenged to change. This means I’ll get you to face up to your fears and blocks and push you and hold you accountable to actually achieve what it is you want to be doing. Our sessions might not always be easy or comfortable for you but if you’re committed they can bring you the results that you want

Ronn Thwaites Training

One-to-one coaching programmes are available in London and programmes via phone & Skype are available to people all over the UK

The process of booking coaching programmes starts with us having an initial conversation that lasts around an hour. This conversation, which can be held via phone or Skype is free of charge with absolutely no obligation to commit to anything

So if you’re interested in how we might be able to work together help you achieve your dreams and goals, contact me to book your initial conversation

I look forward to working with you

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