Nature Guided Coaching & Therapy

Ronn Thwaites Nature Guided Coaching & TherapyMy Nature Guided Coaching & Therapy sessions are a different approach to traditional coaching and therapy

They are based around the concept of Shinrin-Yoku which is a term that means “taking in the forest atmosphere” or “forest bathing” and was developed in Japan during the 1980s

At it’s heart, Shinrin-Yoku involves getting out into the natural world and fully connecting with your self and your surroundings

Nature Guided Coaching & Therapy can help people to calm their anxieties and worries, feel more focussed and generally give them a ‘feel good’ boost that comes from being active in nature

My approach to these sessions has a focus on helping people gain new insights into how they can increase their resilience and wellbeing

Ronn Thwaites Nature Guided Coaching & TherapyThese sessions get you outside of your normal environment, help you to feel less ‘stressed’ and get you mindful of the connection that you can have with the natural world

You can walk, unwind, be active and get the benefits that being outside in nature can bring

This approach really suits people who:

Have an interest in the natural world

Like being outside

Enjoy walking

Feel more centred, mindful and relaxed in an outdoor environment

Above all else these sessions are fun and a great way of spending time outside in nature whilst investing in yourself

You can read what others have got out of sessions here

How Nature Guided Coaching & Therapy Sessions Work

The process of booking Nature Guided sessions starts with us having an initial conversation that lasts around 30 minutes. This conversation, which can be held via phone or Skype is free of charge with absolutely no obligation to commit to anything

Sessions are normally 90 minutes with longer sessions being available by arrangement and are priced at £75 per session

Nature Guided Coaching & Therapy sessions are held outside at venues in London and the South East thoughout the year 

Before we meet I’ll run you through the risk assessment for the particular venue we’ll be using, check any medical conditions that you might have that need to be taken into account and brief you about what you’ll need to bring along on the day

You can find more information, articles and news about Nature Guided Coaching on my Facebook page

So if you’d like more information on how Nature Guided Coaching & Therapy sessions could help you, contact me to get further details

I look forward to working with you

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